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Chococlassroom: Your Chocolate Course in Madrid

We announce the new and only Chococlassroom where we want everybody to learn how to work with chocolate and enjoy making their own creations!! Chocolate is one of the biggest pleasures enjoyed in most countries and it is hard to find a coffee shop or bakery where there is nothing with chocolate but it is not so common that people try to make their own chocolate experiments at home. This is really because in order to work with chocolate you need to know some basic rules and those who have tried working with it on their own usually don’t end up with the result they expected.

CHOCOLATARIUM is our store located in a great place in Madrid, Hortaleza 25, very close to Gran Vía street and easily accessible by Metro, bus and car. In our store we have a Chococlassroom where we give our classes. Our Chocolate Master will show you the most important technique of tempering the chocolate, you will learn about its origins and the way it is made and best of all you will go home with all that you have made. During the class you will make chocolate lollypops, truffles and filled chocolates as well as decorations.

All our classes are hands on, we will provide aprons but expect to get your hands dirty.

Chocolate for Dummies 60€

– Cocoa’s and Chocolate’s history

– From the bean to chocolate

– Chocolates tempering

– Easy but surprising decorations

– The magical world of truffles

– Your first initiation with filled chocolates

Intermediate course 60€

–  Chocolate Textures

– Advanced Decorations

– Filled chocolates, all you need to know.

Advanced course 175€

If you are thinking of going into the world of chocolates professionally you will learn all you need to know in this course, about the machinery that is needed, the different molds, transfer sheets, airbrushing techniques and we will resolve all your doubts and give you advise.

This course is given at our chocolate factory in Alcorcón and depending on the class it will be 2 or 3 days.